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Roland VersaUV LEJ-640F

If you are looking for something beyond traditional CMYK, or you are a business looking to print onto non-conventional print items, the LEJ-640FT is the ideal solution; Capable of printing CMYK plus white and gloss inks onto flexible or rigid substrates or objects up to 150mm (6 inches) in height, the LEJ-640FT offers the ultimate in versatility in the flatbed market.  Gloss ink can also be used to highlight areas in both gloss and matte finishes and also can be used to create striking textures which bring prints to life.

The LEJ-640FT offers the widest variety of applications to businesses looking to expand into flatbed technology, from personalised goods, industrial marking services to alternative signage production. With up to 150mm/6 inches of height available for printing, and a 1606mm x 2490mm (63.25” x 98”) print area*1, as well as an impressive weight limit of 100kg, the applications for the LEJ-640FT are only limited by you and your client’s imaginations; from POS displays to packaging prototypes, creative signage and high volume personalised products, all available with amazing special effects textures to add another dimension to your work.

With Roland DG’s quadruple zone vacuum technology, the ability to set various origin points on the bed enables the LEJ-640FT to increase the production workflow throughput speeds by reloading one origin point while another continues to print – therefore increasing output within the same space as traditional flatbeds. Independent motors allow for perfect, precision printing alignment time and time again without any reduction in quality or print tracking, on a wide range of rigid and flexible substrates or objects including PVC, polyurethane, polystyrene, polypropylene, cardboard, metals, fluted and corrugated boards, wood and acrylics.

The LEJ-640FT runs from a single phase 220V AC, 50/60Hz 32 Amp socket and does not require a compressor to function; ideal when your workspace is at a premium. Combine that advantage with the included Hand Panel, and the LEJ-640FT offers high levels of control without a loss of movement; and makes a two-step workflow that much easier to work with – the perfect solution for a busy, creative print shop where time and manpower is at a premium.

  • Unsurpassed media compatibility for materials up to 150mm / 6-inches thick and 100 kilograms / 220lbs
  • Powerful, quad zone vacuum system keeps materials flat
  • Advanced ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus White and Gloss 
  • Dual-gear independant motors for precision registration
  • Handy Panel Controller for convenient printer operation and status monitoring
  • Replaceable felt print surface for substrate protection
  • Dual sensors for automatic media thickness detection and head protection
  • VersaWorks® RIP software included
  • Roland OnSupport™ sends production updates via emai
  • RolandCare Silver Warranty included
Tecnologia de impressão   Jato de tinta piezoelétrico, UV LED
Material Dimensões Largura: 1,625 mm, longitude: 2,100 mm (extensivél)
  Espessura Até 150 mm
  Peso Máximo de 200 kg
  Diâm. do núcleo*1 76.2 mm o 50.8 m
Área de impressão *1   LEJ-640 F210: larg. 1,615 mm, long. 2,100 mm
LEJ-640 F250: larg. 1,615 mm, long. 2,624 mm
LEJ-640 F320: larg. 1,615 mm, long. 3,324 mm
Longitude fora da área de impressão   1,870 mm
Cartuchos de tinta Tipo Roland ECO-UV 
  Capacidade 220 cc
  Cores ECO-UV: 6 cores (Ciano, Magenta, Amarelo, Preto, Branco e Verniz)  
Unidade de cura da tinta   Lâmpadas dual UV-LED
Sistema de aspiração
Turbina 2,2 kw (trifásica) com sistema silenciador 
Divisão LEJ-640 F210: 4 áreas selecionáveis, LEJ-640 F250: 5 áreas, LEJ-640 F320: 6 áreas 
Conectividade   Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, automático)
Resolução de impressão (pontos por polegada)   Máximo 1440 ppp
Movimento   Motores de passo 24,000 puls./mm
Precisão da distância*4   Erro menor que ± 0.3 % da distância percorrida, ou ± 0.3 mm, o que for maior.
Repetição em reposicionamento horizontal   ±0.01 mm
Painel de controlo   LCD B/N 6''
Objectivos do trabalho   Contínuo, estático, regressar à origem
Deteção da altura do material   Manual / Automático ótico para materiais opacos
Homogenidade   Ótico (laser)
Fornecimento de energia   CA 380 V trifase (3+GND), 16A, 50/60Hz
Alimentação Com aspiração 2700 W
  Modo hibernação 150 W
Nivel de ruido (aspiração ligada)   apróx. 70 dB
Requisitos de ar Pressão de 4 a 7 bar
  Volume 3 litros / h
Dimensões   LEJ-640 F210: 3,184 x 3,283 x 1,300
LEJ-640 F250: 3,184 x 3,760 x 1,300
LEJ-640 F320: 3,184 x 4,455 x 1,300
 Peso bruto LEJ-640 F210: 800 kg, LEJ-640 F250: 900 kg, LEJ-640 F320: 1050 kg
Distribuição Diâmetro de 4 pontos 120 mm ( 1,510 x 2,910 mm)
Ambiente Ligado Temperatura: de 20 a 32°C [22°C ou mais recomendado] , humidade: de 35 a 80% (sem condensação)
  Desligado Temperatura: de 5 a 40°C, humidade: de 20 a 80% (sem condensação)

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